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Literature review synthesis

Synthesize This is the point where you sort articles by themes or categories in preparation for writing your lit review. You may find a synthesis matrix (see the example in the third box below ) or this Synthesis Worksheet to be helpful in understanding how to synthesize multiple sources of information. Synthesis is an important element of academic writing, demonstrating comprehension, analysis, evaluation and original creation. With synthesis you extract content from different sources to create an original text. While paraphrase and summary maintain the structure of the given source (s), with synthesis you create a new structure. What are Literature Reviews? The different types of literature reviews, including systematic reviews and other evidence synthesis methods Conducting & Reporting Systematic Reviews Finding Systematic Reviews Tools & Tutorials Literature Review & Systematic Review Steps Develop a Focused Question Scope the Literature Refine & Expand the Search Literature reviews synthesize large amounts of information and present it in a coherent, organized fashion. In a literature review you will be combining material from several texts to create a new text – your literature review. You will use common points among the sources you have gathered to help you synthesize the material. Literature reviews are often found in the beginning of scholarly journal articles.

Literature reviews synthesize previous research that has been done on a particular topic, summarizing important works in the history of research on that topic. Literature reviews can be arranged by topic or theme, much like a traditional explanatory synthesis paper. Synthesizing the Literature Review - Navigating The Literature Reviews and Synthesis Tools - Writing in the What Synthesis Methodology Should I Use? A Review and What Synthesis Methodology Should I Use? A Review and Lit Review Prep Use this template to help you evaluate your sources, create article summaries for an annotated bibliography, and a synthesis matrix for your lit review outline. Synthesize your Information Synthesize: combine separate elements to form a whole. Synthesis Matrix Definition Examples In the case of synthesis, you are making the conscious decision to group articles around a common finding or idea. As you draft your Short Literature Reviews, look for opportunities to synthesize your findings. Please review the Do's and Don'ts and the Analyzing vs. Narrating videos from the Framing course before writing your synthesis. Synthesisprovides advanced literature review software with analyticaland automationfunctionality for delivering timelyevidence-basedinformation in hours, not months, for better decisions. Find out more Strategic Analysis Perform Scoping and Systematic Reviews quickly and accurately using the latest automation and information management algorithms. Because a literature review is NOT a summary of these different sources, it can be very difficult to keep your research organized. It is especially difficult to organize the information in a way that makes the writing process simpler. One way that seems particularly helpful in organizing literature reviews is the synthesis matrix. Literature review A literature review is an overview of the previously published works on a specific topic. The term can refer to a full scholarly paper or a section of a scholarly work such as a book, or an article.


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