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Real Food, Real Health

Real food means real health.

My logic here is that if I consume a real food, then my body can take all the nutrients (that science can't replicate) and use them to heal and grow my body into the healthiest version of myself.

What is real food anyways?

Real food is quite literally food that is plucked, picked, harvested, etc, from a plant without (or with very minimal) processing.

This means no added ingredients, and better yet, it was grown with organic practices, even if it is not certified organic.

Is real food expensive?

It may be. But I find that what I pay for up front will come back to me in the end. What I mean by that is, if I consume real food, my body will be healthier, and thus I will need less medical intervention which costs less money.


Where do I get real food?

The Grocery Store

This will probably be the most common, and convenient option for most. Shop the outside of the store to find the most real food.

Farmer's Market

The way the world is right now, may not make it as convenient to go to a farmer's market, but I know a lot are still meeting and gather, but may just require masks. This is where many local farms will come with their produce so you can buy it directly from them.

Local Farm

Check with local farms to see if they offer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box, if they offer any sort of "share" in their farm in which returns some of their produce, or sign up for a farm box like Farm Fresh to You! (Use Code: BRZZ8995 to get $15 off your first box).

We get a weekly farm box from Farm Fresh to You to supplement what we grow at home, and I have been extremely impressed with the quality and customer service when things aren't quite as good as they should be. Picture of one of our farm boxes below!

Grow Your Own

Lastly, and my favorite option, learn to grow your own. Use whatever space you have available and grow! Literally grow yourself and your knowledge while taking care of a plant that will eventually grow and care for you. What an amazing thought!

This year, I had a rude awakening, as I am sure many of your did, when I couldn't find what I needed at the grocery store. It was in the beginning of the pandemic when we weren't sure what it all really meant, so going out was a bit unknown. I searched for hours online for ways to get meat, produce, etc.

This lit a fire in me.

I need to know how to be more self-sufficient!

It was no longer just a hobby, but a means of survival.

That's when I started growing seeds in my window sill to transfer out to the our garden and we doubled down on our back yard chickens.

What does this mean in real life?

For us, that means, when my kids ask for a snack or food, my response is always...

"A fruit or a vegetable."

Those fruits and vegetables are always whole, raw, and organic.

For you, it may look different, and that is okay.

What I find to be the best part of all of this, besides a healthy mind a body, is that I am also teaching and showing my kids how to choose and make these healthy habits. They may not always follow them, but they will have a solid foundation I hope they can always come back to.

Find a space where you can add in real food. Start small. But start somewhere!

Comment or reach out with any questions.

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