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Real Food Guidance

The last post I wrote was solely my opinion, which was created over time from research I have done and experiences I have had. The journey for me started when I was pregnant with my first son 8 years ago, wanting the best for him, multiple pregnancies where I ran into the words "standard practice" many times, my Grandfather's cancer battle, and now this pandemic.

It is difficult to put into words any one thing, or one place, where I received the most impact, because it has been a lot of different experiences for different reasons that brought me to where I am today and my stance on real food. However, I am going to attempt to do that here and to empower you to do your own research, on top of mine!

First, I'd like to start with a few places where I have found a lot of value.

In the last year of my Grandpa's life, I slowly watched as he deteriorated by the use of "treatments" in which his body was filled with chemicals to try and deplete his body of cancer. All the while, it was also removing all of the good things (good bacteria, white blood cells, etc.) that were needed for his body to fight! On top of that, his doctors told him to drink Ensure... a product that has vitamins added, but is completely filled with sugar - which enflames the body. I wanted to badly to help him, I dove into research and came across Chris Wark and his battle. The research and recommendations he has felt so much more in line with where our minds and the actions we take to combat cancer should be. Holistically, with real food, and so much vitamin D!

Katie Wells runs a blog, and now a business, where I found a lot of value - especially in the fact that most of the things she posts has been researched. It is not just her opinion! Here's an example, "The Health Benefits of Sprouts and Microgreens." The article is medically reviewed by a doctor and then all her sources are listed at the bottom. Much of her information is geared towards women, and particularly those with kids, however there is a lot that would benefit anyone. This has been one of my most consistent sources for information I have found as I have gone through my motherhood journey.

As I was researching more about food and nutrition while I was pregnant with my first son, I became very disheartened to find that so many "products" on the shelves are NOT HEALTHY for me! What? I grew up thinking that the government was looking out for my best interest, when in reality, it was all about money. Food Babe is the first place I found who actually stood up to these big companies and has made a difference. She also promotes eating real food and eating seasonally - two things I can absolutely get behind!

So much of what we are taught is driven by money. The sugar industry and the milk industry have changed our perception of these products and the recommendations made to the diets of the U.S. population. Lobbying is where a large amount of this manipulation occurs.

Here's what you need to do.

Your own research (of many different sources) in which you think critically and form your own opinion about what is good for you.

As a homeschooling mom, I find it very important for my kids to be forming their own thoughts. Often they will share their opinion with me, which I know has stemmed from mine, and I will ask them why they feel the way they do. Often, they won't have a good answer, to which I will ask them to think about it, and then I will ask them again later. I don't want my kids to merely repeat what I am saying. They need to know that it is okay to have a different opinion as long as they know why they have that opinion! Critical thinking is vital.

Despite the fact that I am sharing some sources, which have their own opinions, I still do my own research from other places to find information and form my opinion.

Take action. Don't merely repeat the first thing you hear and agree with!

Let me know your thoughts. Your opinions.

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